A Study for Women Who are Carrying Twins (PROSPECT)

Official Title: A Randomized Trial of Pessary and Progesterone for Preterm Prevention in Twin Gestation with a Short Cervix (PROSPECT)


The purpose of this research study is to determine if the use of a pessary or vaginal progesterone will reduce the likelihood of preterm delivery in mothers who are pregnant with twins who have a shortened cervix.

Studies have shown that women pregnant with twins are more likely to deliver their babies preterm (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) compared with women pregnant with only one baby. Babies born preterm have a greater chance of having serious, long-term health problems or dying. A short cervix is more common in women carrying twins. Women who have a short cervix are more likely to deliver their babies preterm. The best treatment for pregnant women with twins who have a short cervix is not known. Some studies have shown that placing a pessary around the cervix or using vaginal progesterone may help to prolong the pregnancy.

Eligibility criteria:

- Women who are pregnant with twins
- Are between 16-23 weeks 6 days gestation, based on clinical information and evaluation of the earliest ultrasound
- Vaginal progesterone NOT used during pregnancy OR discontinued prior to 14 weeks gestation

Contact Information

Anna Bartholomew