Decision Making Among Couples Concerning "Permanent/Irreversible" Birth Control

Official Title: Couple Dynamics Surrounding Contraceptive Sterilization


This study aims to understand people’s experiences with contraceptive sterilization (such as tubal ligations or vasectomies).
The purpose of this study is to better understand how adults decide to use sterilization as
their main form of birth control. By examining sterilization decisions, this study will
provide a better understanding of how individuals describe and explain their decision
making process.

In this study we are interested in learning how people discuss these decisions with their partner, as
well as everyday interactions with their partner, other forms of birth control, and attitudes
about gender more generally.

Eligibility criteria:

-Ages 21-55
-Have used tubal ligation or vasectomy as primary contraception, WITHIN the last five (5) years

Participants will be asked to answer a series of questions regarding their experience with
sterilization. Interviews will be digitally recorded by audiotape and will remain
confidential. The duration of the interview will last approximately one hour to one hour
and thirty minutes.

Contact Information

Alexandra Kissling