The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

Official Title: The Columbus PrEP Perception Study


This study aims to understand men who have sex with men's (MSM's) experiences with HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). The purpose of this study is to better understand adult MSM's perceptions of the HIV PrEP and the reasons behind their decision to use the medication or not. By examining these perceptions and decision making processes, this study will provide a better understanding of how MSM explain their decision making process.

In this study we are interested in learning more about what considerations MSM take into account when deciding to use the medication or not, how/if they discuss the medication with others, if possible their experience using the medication, and sexual behavior more generally.

Eligibility criteria:

- Identify as a man who has sex with men
- Be 18 years of age or older
- Live in the greater Columbus, OH metropolitan area
***PrEP usage is NOT required to participate in this study***

Participants will be asked to answer a series of questions regarding their perceptions of PrEP. Interviews will be digitally recorded by audiotape, will remain confidential, and will be securely stored. The duration of the interview will last approximately one hour to one hour and thirty minutes. Interviews can be held on campus or an alternate location more convenient for the interviewee.

Contact Information

Brandon Moore
(512) 507-0356