How Changes in Body Mass Following Weight Loss Effect Endometrial Tissue and Blood

Official Title: Effect of adiposity changes on endometrial tissue and blood biomarkers


The goal of this study is to examine how changes in body fat following weight loss impact inflammation in endometrial tissue and blood and whether these processes differ between Black and White women. We are interested in recruiting: 1.) women who are considering or scheduled to undergo bariatric surgery OR 2.) women who are planning to engage in a diet and/or physical activity program to lose weight.

Women enrolled in this study will have two research visits at The Ohio State University. The first visit will take place before the weight loss intervention begins (bariatric surgery or diet/exercise program) and the second visit will occur approximately 6 months after the weight loss intervention.

Eligibility criteria:

• Considering or scheduled for bariatric surgery
• Planning to engage in a diet and/or physical activity program to lose weight
• At least 18 years of age
• Identify as African American or White
• Not pregnant
• No past cancer diagnosis
• Have not had a hysterectomy
• Have never been told by a doctor that you have endometrial hyperplasia or endometrial cancer

Contact Information

Caitlin Meade