How Chemotherapy Can Affect Gut Health and Cognition

Official Title: Intelligut


This study tests how chemotherapy may affect the diversity of the gut’s microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) and how chemotherapy-induced changes on the gut may affect cognition (how we acquire and understand knowledge).

Eligibility criteria:

You may be eligible if you:
- Are female
- Are between the ages 21 to 80
- Have a diagnosis of nonmetastatic breast cancer (stages I-III)

Researchers will study your gut’s microbial diversity at different time points during chemotherapy as well as immune responses (certain kinds of white blood cells), and memory. The goal is to see if chemotherapy changes gut diversity and if the interaction of chemotherapy on the gut causes changes in cognition.

There will be 3 visits that will coincide with your routine oncology visits. The participant will be asked to bring a fecal sample collection and food & meal photo diary with them to each visit (approximately 1 hour of time). Each visit will also include a blood draw, cognitive assessment and self-report measures questionnaire (approximately 2 hours of time).

Contact Information

Olivia Wilcox