Using Pravastatin to Prevent Preeclampsia in High Risk Women (PRAVASTATIN)

Official Title: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Pravastatin to Prevent Preeclampsia in High Risk Women (PRAVASTATIN)


This study is being done to determine if the use of pravastatin in subsequent pregnancies will reduce the rates of recurrence of preeclampsia for women who have a history of preterm birth due to preeclampsia.

Eligibility criteria:

- 16 years or older at time of consent with ability to give informed consent
- Single or twin gestation with cardiac activity in one or both fetuses. Higher order multifetal gestations reduced to twins, either spontaneously or therapeutically, are not eligible unless the reduction occurred by 13 weeks 6 days project gestational age.
- Gestational age at randomization between 12 weeks 0 days and 16 weeks 6 days based on clinical information and evaluation of the earliest ultrasound as described in Gestational Age Determination in the protocol.
- Documented history (by chart or delivery/operative note review) of prior preeclampsia with delivery less than or equal to 34 weeks 0 days gestation in any previous pregnancy. If in the index pregnancy, the woman was induced by 34 weeks 0 days gestation and delivered within 48 hours in the same hospitalization, that woman would be eligible
- Severe gestational hypertension managed as preeclampsia and reported as an indication for delivery also qualifies.
- Normal serum transaminase (AST/ALT) concentrations documented in the last 6 months

Contact Information

Anna Bartholomew, RN