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A Study to Evaluate if Hydroxychloroquine Can Prevent COVID-19 Infection in Healthcare Workers (HERO-HCQ Trial)

Official Title: Healthcare Worker Exposure Response and Outcomes of Hydroxychloroquine Trial (HERO-HCQ Trial)

HERO-HCQ is a randomized clinical trial of approximately 2,000 HERO Registry participants. This trial will test whether hydroxychloroquine (HCQ, brand name Plaquenil®) can prevent COVID-19 infection in healthcare workers(

A Study Evaluating the Ability of Experimental Medications to Improve Health Outcomes for People with COVID-19

Official Title: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases / “Adaptive Platform Treatment Trial for Outpatients with COVID-19 (Adapt Out COVID)”

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of various experimental drugs to improve health outcomes for people with COVID-19. We also want to see if these study drugs are safe, and if these study drugs can stop the disease process and prevent hospitalization. This study is designed to qui...

AZD1222: A COVID-19 Vaccine Study

Official Title: D8110C00001: A Phase III Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multicenter Study in Adults to Determine the Safety, Efficacy, and Immunogenicity of AZD1222, a Non-replicating ChAdOx1 Vector Vaccine, for the Prevention of COVID-19 (A COVID-19 Vaccine Study)

SARS-CoV-2 is a new coronavirus that first appeared in China in November 2019. It was associated with cases of pneumonia. This virus causes the illness that is now called COVID-19. People with COVID-19 may have symptoms ranging from mild symptoms or severe illness, even death. Older adults and peopl...

Children Helping Children With Immune Diseases

Official Title: Creation of a pediatric healthy control repository for clinical diagnostic immunology test development and validation

This study uses healthy children from newborns to 18 years old to help understand immune disorders. This study will compare healthy children and teens to children and teens with disorders of the immune system. Volunteers will visit Nationwide Children's Hospital (NCH) for a blood draw either one...

Adults Helping Adults With Immune Diseases

Official Title: Creation of a pediatric healthy control repository for clinical diagnostic immunology test development and validation

A test for healthy adults from 19 - 75 years old to develop normal values for interpretation of immunological tests in adults with disorders of the immune system. Voluntary participation involves blood draw at Nationwide Children's hospital. Qualified participants would be eligible to provide a ...

A Study to Evaluate Long-Acting Antiretroviral Therapy in Non-adherent HIV-Infected Individuals

Official Title: A5359; A Phase III Study to Evaluate Long-Acting Antiretroviral Therapy in Non-adherent HIV-Infected Individuals

This study is investigating if Long-Acting (LA) Injectable HIV-medications will be more successful for people who are non-adherent to their HIV medications than oral standard of care regimens. To be eligible to receive LA ART, participants will need to attain virologic suppression through adherence...

The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

Official Title: The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

This study aims to understand men who have sex with men's (MSM's) experiences with HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). The purpose of this study is to better understand adult MSM's perceptions of the HIV PrEP and the reasons behind their decision to use the medication or not. By examining these p...

Questionnaire Study for HIV-Positive (HIV+) Individuals

Official Title: Elucidating Barriers to Recruitment of Dietary Intervention Trials with HIV infected individuals - (IRB# 2018B0043)

Despite the various methods of recruitment used throughout the city of Columbus (posting flyers, visiting HIV support groups, meeting with clinicians, using research databases, etc.), enrollment into nutritional intervention trials in those infected with HIV has been poor. The researchers for th...

Rheumatology Biorepository-- For Healthy Volunteers AND those with Autoimmune and Rheumatic Disorders

Official Title: The Ohio State University Rheumatology and Immunology Biorepository

This study is being done to provide resources for future studies involving autoimmune and rheumatic disorders, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, vasculitis, and undifferentiated connective tissue diseases. The samples and data collected w...

Soy Pretzel Study

Official Title: Soy modulation of immune activation, LDL- levels, and lowering inflammation by pretzel isoflavone dietary intervention (SMALL LIPID Study)

The purpose of this study is to help researchers gain an understanding on how dietary soy will impact HIV-infected individuals who are taking Anti-retroviral medication. Two pretzels with and without soy will be used to investigate how the pretzel snacks will affect your cardiovascular disease risk,...

Gut Feelings: A Study for Couples

Official Title: Gut Feelings: Marriage, Mood, and the Gut Microbiome

The purpose of this study is to help understand how your mood, your diet, and your life with your partner affect your gut microbiome (the bacteria in your gut) and your immune system, and to assess the degree of similarity in your partner’s microbiome and your own microbiome. Couples will rece...

Babies Helping Babies--A Study for Healthy Babies Under the Age of 2

Official Title: Host Immune Responses to Microbial Pathogens

This study is seeking babies who do NOT have infections. The purpose of this research study is to look at how the body responds to infection (immune response) caused by different types of microbes (bacteria and virus). To understand how the immune response to infection works, blood samples from peop...

Peanut Allergy in Infants

Official Title:

We hope to find out more about oral food challenges in young children under 24 months of age who have had no prior exposure to peanuts but have had a positive peanut allergy test. This study will help researchers learn about predictive nature of allergy skin and blood testing for infants at risk...

Medication Study for the Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)


The purpose of this study is to test the effects of a new drug called CC-22. Researchers want to find out if it does or does not improve the symptoms of those diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).