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A Study to Evaluate the Use of Tranexamic Acid in the Prevention of Obstetrical Bleeding Following a Caesarean Section

Official Title: A Randomized Trial of Tranexamic Acid for Prevention of Obstetrical Hemorrhage after C/S (TXA)

Primary aim goal is to assess whether tranexamic acid when given as a preventative measure, lowers the rates of postpartum hemorrhage in women pregnant with a singleton or twins pregnancy undergoing a cesarean delivery.

Study Examining the Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use Seeking Non-Smokers, Smokers, E-cigarette Users/Vapers, E-cig Users Vaping with THC, Medical Marijuana Vapers, and Former Smokers

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to understand the impact e-cigarette (e-cig) use has on the lung. This information will provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government regulators with important information, which will help in developing future regulations to make e-cigarettes safer.

Diabetes Prevention Study for OSU Employees

Official Title: Impact of Augmented Care at the Worksite for Diabetes Prevention

To evaluate a worksite diabetes prevention program specifically for OSU employees who are at risk for developing diabetes. The study will compare the impact of two different educational programs to determine which program works better in promoting weight loss and in helping people maintain their...

The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

Official Title: The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

This study aims to understand men who have sex with men's (MSM's) experiences with HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). The purpose of this study is to better understand adult MSM's perceptions of the HIV PrEP and the reasons behind their decision to use the medication or not. By examining these p...

THE WMSEE Study-- A Study to Evaluate Weight Management, Sleep, Emotions, and Exercise

Official Title: Anxiety Sensitivity, Fear, Emotion Dysregulation, and Sleep Behavior Among Participants in a Behavioral Weight Management Program (The WMSEE Study)

Researchers at The Ohio State University are seeking volunteers who identify as African American or Black for a study that is designed to evaluate emotional responses during exercise and the influences of emotion on sleep and eating behaviors. The goal is to identify factors that may influence healt...

A Study for Teens and Young Adults (Ages 15-25) Offspring of Parents with Bipolar Disorder

Official Title: An Observational Longitudinal Study in Offspring of Parents with Bipolar Disorder to Evaluate the Relationship of Impairment in Psychosocial Functioning with the Manifestation of Mood Symptoms over 24 Months

The purpose of this clinical research study is to follow teens and young adults who have a parent with bipolar disorder. The ultimate goal will be to identify earlier in life those who may be at risk of developing bipolar disorder. This early detection may help people with bipolar disorder or people...

Babies Helping Babies--A Study for Healthy Babies Under the Age of 2

Official Title: Host Immune Responses to Microbial Pathogens

This study is seeking babies who do NOT have infections. The purpose of this research study is to look at how the body responds to infection (immune response) caused by different types of microbes (bacteria and virus). To understand how the immune response to infection works, blood samples from peop...

Decision Making Among Couples Concerning "Permanent/Irreversible" Birth Control

Official Title: Couple Dynamics Surrounding Contraceptive Sterilization

This study aims to understand people’s experiences with contraceptive sterilization (such as tubal ligations or vasectomies). The purpose of this study is to better understand how adults decide to use sterilization as their main form of birth control. By examining sterilization decisions, this stu...

Life After Pregnancy Study (LAPS)

Official Title:

The goal of this online survey study is to learn how mothers are handling both the joys and stresses of being a parent and taking care of babies. We hope to use this information to help future mothers and families live happier and healthier lives.

A Study for Women Who are Carrying Twins (PROSPECT)

Official Title: A Randomized Trial of Pessary and Progesterone for Preterm Prevention in Twin Gestation with a Short Cervix (PROSPECT)

The purpose of this research study is to determine if the use of a pessary or vaginal progesterone will reduce the likelihood of preterm delivery in mothers who are pregnant with twins who have a shortened cervix. Studies have shown that women pregnant with twins are more likely to deliver their ...

Million Hearts Wellness Research Study Seeking OSU Employees

Official Title: Improving Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Health Outcomes in High-Risk Individuals

The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of the online Million Hearts® wellness program modules, with or without health coaching, in comparison to health coaching alone, on the health status of Ohio State University employees who are considered pre-diabetic, hypertensive, and overweight o...

Controlled Feeding Study: Determining the Effects of Carbohydrate and Cheese on Health

Official Title:

The purpose of this study to determine the effects of high cheese diets varying in carbohydrate content on markers of disease risk. These findings will help determine the role of cheese and carbohydrate as part of a healthy diet for individuals at risk of developing diabetes.

Suicide Prevention Among Substance Abusing Homeless Youth

Official Title:

There is a lack of information on interventions for homeless youth, and no suicide prevention intervention has been tested with these youth. Such focus is critical as suicide is the leading cause of death among homeless youth. This study seeks to examine Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention in t...

Buckeye Teen Health Study: Seeking Teenage Males, Ages 11-16 and their Families

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to better understand the health of teenage males and their families across Ohio and to understand why people start using tobacco and how tobacco use changes overtime. Researchers also hope to learn about other choices such as diet, alcohol drinking, and other health beha...

The Dairy Study: Nutrition Research Study Seeking Overweight Adults, 18-50

Official Title: Regulation of Postprandial Nitric Oxide Bioavailability and Vascular Function By Dairy Milk

Researchers in the Human Nutrition program are seeking volunteers to take part in a study that may help them discover the potential benefits of dairy to regulate blood sugar responses and improve heart health.

Omega-3 Breast Cancer Prevention of Recurrence Study for those Stage 0 to III

Official Title: Omega-3 fatty acids and ERPR(-) and Her-2/neu(+) breast cancer prevention

This study is being conducted to find out the effects, of getting a low versus and high dose of omega 3 fatty acid pills as a possible way to lower the risk for ERPR(-) and HER-2/neu (+ or -) breast cancer to come back or recur.

Flu Study for people exposed to pigs at Ohio Agricultural Fairs

Official Title: Zoonotic Influenza Infections of Swine Origin at Ohio Agricultural Fairs

The flu is a very infectious and contagious virus that affects both people and pigs. Studies show that pigs can be sources of the flu virus in humans. Researchers want to know more about how the flu is transmitted from animals to people. If they know more about it, they can find better ways to preve...

Growing Hope for Cancer Survivors

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to implement and test a garden-based health and nutrition education program, combining nutrition and physical activity classes with technology, aimed at increasing adherence to cancer prevention and survivorship guidelines.