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AZD1222: A COVID-19 Vaccine Study

Official Title: D8110C00001: A Phase III Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Multicenter Study in Adults to Determine the Safety, Efficacy, and Immunogenicity of AZD1222, a Non-replicating ChAdOx1 Vector Vaccine, for the Prevention of COVID-19 (A COVID-19 Vaccine Study)

SARS-CoV-2 is a new coronavirus that first appeared in China in November 2019. It was associated with cases of pneumonia. This virus causes the illness that is now called COVID-19. People with COVID-19 may have symptoms ranging from mild symptoms or severe illness, even death. Older adults and peopl...

OSU Dermatology Biorepository for Those With Skin Conditions

Official Title: The Ohio State University Dermatology Biorepository

This study is being done to collect resources for future studies involving skin conditions, such as psoriasis or cutaneous B or T cell lymphoma. In order to search for cures for diseases or understand why diseases occur, doctors very often use blood samples, tissue samples, saliva samples, or other...

Relationship Networks Study

Official Title: Relationship Networks Study

With this study, we aim to understand how differences in mood and personality characteristics are related to individuals’ social networks. Understanding how mood and personality impact the quality of one’s support networks could help us understand associations between emotional and interpersonal fun...

A Study Seeking to Understand the Health Experiences of Men and Women in Southeastern Ohio

Official Title: Appalachian Health Study

This study seeks to understand the health experiences of men and women in the southeastern Ohio region. We are conducting 1-1.5 hour long interviews in southern Ohio on a wide range of health topics relating to opinions about health, healthcare professionals, and healthcare experiences.

A Study for Those with Chronic Pancreatitis-- The PROCEED Study

Official Title: Prospective Evaluation of Chronic Pancreatitis for Epidemiologic and Translational Studies

1. To study and learn about the natural progression of pancreatitis. Researchers are interested in studying how the patient’s disease changes over time as well as the impact of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors on this progression. This will be used to help guide patients newly diagnosed...

Understanding How Booster Seat and Seat Belt Positioning Affects Safety in Motor Vehicle Crashes

Official Title: Belt Fit and Belt Torso Contact of Children on Belt-Positioning Booster Seats

Researchers at the OSU Injury Biomechanics Research Center are seeking child volunteers to sit on a variety of belt-positioning booster seats in a mock-up vehicle seat. Various measurements will be made of position of seat belts, booster seats, and child’s shoulders and pelvis. We aim to understand ...

A Study to Develop a New MRI Stress Test

Official Title: A Novel Exercise + Hypoxia Stress Protocol to Evaluate Myocardial Ischemia using MRI

This study is being done to develop a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) stress test that can be used in the MRI while the pictures are collected. Participants will lay flat on the MRI table and exercise using a specially designed stepper device mounted on the table while breathing air with reduced ox...

Mind-Body Interventions for Healthy Aging

Official Title: Mind-Body Interventions for Healthy Aging (HealthyAgers)

The Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at the Department of Psychology at OSU is conducting an intervention study to assess the impact of mind-body practices on healthy aging. Individuals will participate in 8 training sessions, with 4 booster sessions, over a 12-month period. Assessments will be cond...

Study Examining the Effects of Electronic Cigarette Use Seeking Non-Smokers, Smokers, E-cigarette Users/Vapers, E-cig Users Vaping with THC, Medical Marijuana Vapers, and Former Smokers

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to understand the impact e-cigarette (e-cig) use has on the lung. This information will provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government regulators with important information, which will help in developing future regulations to make e-cigarettes safer.

Investigating Bilingual Decision Making

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to examine how bilinguals process political information. For this study, participants will be shown multiple news articles and ballot measures in both Spanish and English. While they view this information and make decisions, their eye movements will be recorded by a devi...

The Ohio Hospice Workers Study

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to add to our understanding of how dying is experience by multiple actors in the dying process. To do this, the study team will interview hospice workers and volunteers about their interactions with hospice patients and their family, as well as what they think and know a...

The Ohio End-of-Life Study

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to add to knowledge of how families and individuals navigate the hospice care experience. To do this,the study team will interview family caregivers of those in hospice.

Decision-Making Abilities and Testamentary Capacity Among Older Adults

Official Title:

The overall goal of this research is to examine factors such as social resources, personality characteristics, and neurocognitive functioning in relation to decision-making abilities testamentary capacity among healthy older adults. Another purpose of this research study is to evaluate the impact...

MRE Study: Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Official Title:

The purpose of this study is to determine if Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) can be used as a noninvasive tool to diagnose various disease states by estimating the stiffness of the affected organ. MRE is FDA approved for assessing liver disease and does not use radiation or contrast dye.

A Study to Evaluate If Real-Time Visual Feedback on Breathing Influences Time to Exhaustion

Official Title: The influence of receiving real-time visual feedback on breathing during treadmill running to exhaustion

The purpose of this research is to assess if receiving real-time visual feedback on your breathing pattern during a run has any influence on time to exhaustion. The feedback will be provided through animations on a screen placed in front of the treadmill that open and close as the chest and abdo...

A Study on Maternal Immune Responsiveness

Official Title: The MIRACL Study: Maternal Immune Responsiveness as Clinical Target for Preterm Birth Prevention

This study will test new methods of identifying women at risk for preterm birth and predicting response to preventive interventions. We will also examine if and how maternal factors affect immune cells of the mother and baby and determine whether this is important to birth outcomes and outcomes for ...

A Study Utilizing Functional Feedback for Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy for Tremor Surgery

Official Title: Functional Neuroimaging Feedback for Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy for Tremor Surgery

The goal of this study is to understand if there are any changes to the connections between the cells in the brain before and after the ultrasound surgery for the treatment of Essential Tremor. This will be done by comparing patients who have had ultrasound surgery and Essential Tremor with healthy ...

A Study to Assess the Removal of Filter Ventilation on Smoking Behavior and Biomarkers (COMET2)

Official Title: Clinical trial to assess the removal of filter ventilation on smoking behavior and biomarkers (COMET2)

Smokers are wanted for an Ohio State University study that provides cigarettes with different filters and that may provide access to other tobacco or nicotine products.

COMET2 Bronchoscopy: A Study on Filter Ventilation and Product Standard

Official Title: Consortium on Methods Evaluation Tobacco (COMET): Filter Ventilation and Product Standard – COMET2 Bronchoscopy study

Smokers (age 21-45) are wanted for an Ohio State University study that provides cigarettes with different filters and that may provide access to other tobacco or nicotine products. Smokers should be willing to undergo two medical procedures called a bronchoscopy.

A Treatment Study for Amblyopia (lazy eye) Vision Improvement

Official Title: Luminopia One Amblyopia Vision Improvement Study

The objective of this research study is to learn more about Luminopia One and determine whether it is a safe and effective treatment for amblyopia. Children are randomly assigned to Luminopia therapy or glasses only for 12 weeks, with monthly visits to OSU. Kids in the Luminopia treatment group wat...

A Study for Night Shift Workers

Official Title: Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Therapy for Sleepiness Related to Shift Work Disorder (tDCS-SWORD)

This research study aims to determine the effects of a noninvasive form of brain stimulation on alertness for night shift workers.

A Study on Joint Laxity

Official Title: The Influence of Joint Hypermobility on Physical Function and Biomechanics in Healthy Adolescents

The purpose of this study is to determine if joint mobility, particularly joint hypermobility or laxity, affects pain, physical function and biomechanics and healthy adolescents without an underlying rheumatologic disease.

Caregiver Needs Assessment Project

Official Title: Creating a clinical assessment of dementia caregiver needs: Bridging a research-practice fissure

The United States population is rapidly aging, and the number of Americans shouldering the burdens of providing informal care to aging family members is climbing steadily. The OSU Caregiver Needs Assessment Project is a research study designed to improve our understanding of the needs of caregive...

The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

Official Title: The Columbus PrEP Perception Study

This study aims to understand men who have sex with men's (MSM's) experiences with HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). The purpose of this study is to better understand adult MSM's perceptions of the HIV PrEP and the reasons behind their decision to use the medication or not. By examining these p...

Metabolism Research Study--Healthy Volunteers Needed

Official Title: Adipocyte-T Cell Interactions Modulate Adipose Inflammation and Insulin Sensitivity Following Weight Gain

The purpose of this research study is to better understand the role of fat tissue, how cells in fat tissue communicate, and determine what signals specific cells use to cause inflammation and insulin resistance during weight gain. This may help researchers better understand the process that happens ...