Immune Response in Adolescents


Our goal in this study is to learn more about the immune system in adolescence and early adulthood. We are looking to enroll healthy children ages 12-18 years old.

Enrollment in the study will require 1 visit to Nationwide Children’s Hospital involving a blood draw and 2 nasal swabs.
The visit will take approximately 1- 1 ½ hour(s). We ask that the family brings a copy of the child’s immunization record to the visit.

Eligibility criteria:

Children will need to meet the following criteria to be in the study:

Inclusion Criteria:
· Parents/Legal guardian able and willing to sign informed consent and the child is willing to sign assent form for participation. All forms are in English.
· Healthy children, age 12-18 years old

Exclusion Criteria:
· Any chronic or congenital conditions that may potentially affect immune responses
· Cough, congestion, fever, rhinorrhea, rash and any other symptoms indicative of infection within the 2 weeks prior to enrollment sampling
· HIV, AIDS or other immunodeficiencies or any other condition that may affect their immune system
· Use of systemic steroids within 2 weeks prior to enrollment
· Immunization(s) within the last 30 days

Contact Information

Jenny Rossette, RN