A Study about Exploring Differences in Attentional Strategies between Autism Spectrum and Neurotypical Individuals in Visual Search Tasks

Official Title

Visual Search Strategy in Neurodivergent Populations


The purpose of this study is to evaluate if people with autism are different from typical people in the way they pay attention and look for things. They use a special test called the Adaptive Choice Visual Search task to see how people search for things in a picture. In this study, we want to know if people with autism do better or worse than typical people and if they use different strategies to find things. We want to understand why some people with autism are better at paying attention when they look at things.

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  • Male and females aged 18 to 40 years old
  • Normal/corrected vision and color vision
  • Autistic participants must be verbal and have an IQ > 70

Age Range

18 - 40