The Spine Project

Official Title

The Spine Phenome Project


This study is designed to capture information about your spine. We will collect information from wearable sensors while you move your low back and neck. We will also collect a series of questionnaires and information from your medical record that related to your spine health. We want to compare the health history and motion capabilities of participants with healthy spines to participants with back and neck pain disorders. We believe that capturing and analyzing this information together will advance our understanding of low back and neck disorders and help develop healthcare applications, tools, or devices that improve the way we prevent, evaluate, and treat spine disorders. You will complete up to 8 visits and participate in the study for up to 5 years.

Could this study be right for you?

To participate, you must meet the following criteria: -Age 18-80 -Able to speak, read, and understand English -Able to stand for 20 minutes Please let us know if you have any of the following as you may not be eligible to participate (not a complete list): -Currently pregnant -Currently seeing or planning to see a medical provider for low back or neck pain -History of chronic low back or neck pain lasting longer than 3 months -Severe back or spine curvature (example – scoliosis) -Current condition requiring a back brace -History of spine surgery -History of brain or spine cancer -Open wounds on back or neck -Current spine infection

Age Range

18 and up