SOAR (State of Ohio Adversity and Resilience) Brain Health Study

Official Title

State of Ohio Adversity and Resilience Study (SOAR)- Deep Phenotyping


The purpose of this study is to develop effective mental health and preventing suicide and substance use disorder, we must better understand risks, which lead to mental illness, and resilience, which allows us to grow even in presence of adversity. This study is looking at how people live and how they deal with distress, depression or drugs and alcohol in Ohio. Family members living in Ohio are asked to participate.

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Inclusion criteria:

  • Adults, age 18-72, and adolescents, age 12-17.

Exclusion criteria:

  • Inability to functionally communicate in English.
  • Unwilling/unable to sign informed consent or assent document or obtain parental authorization from a parent or legal guardian (subjects <18 years old).
  • Inability to understand/follow instructions for study procedures.
  • Participants without at least 1 other family member who is willing to participate
    • The definition of family member is subjective to the participant and may not be a blood relative.

Age Range

12 - 72 years