Tear Film in Children Study

Official Title

Tear Film and Corneal Profile of Pediatric Contact Lens Wearers


The goal of this study is to describe the risks associated with overnight orthokeratology contact lens wear in children by identifying corneal and tear film changes. The study aims to describe and compare the tear film components in a pediatric sample wearing orthokeratology contact lenses (used to change the shape of the cornea), soft contact lenses, or glasses. Additionally, the study aims to compare the corneal thickness profile in a pediatric sample wearing orthokeratology contact lenses, soft contact lenses, or glasses. 

This study requires one visit only. The overall timeline from subject recruitment to study completion is dependent upon subject and examiner availability and scheduling. As long as no changes occur to subject eligibility between initial recruitment and the study visit, there is some flexibility with timing.


Could this study be right for you?

  • Near-sighted prescription between -1.00D and -6.00D
  • Current correction with glasses, soft contact lenses, or overnight orthokeratology contact lenses
  • Has been wearing current correction for 6 months or longer
  • Good eye and overall health

Age Range

7 - 17