Variations in Ketone Metabolism

Official Title
Strategies to Augment Ketosis- Variations in Ketone Metabolism

This study is being done to see how individuals respond to a ketone ester (KE) across different age groups and health statuses. With the ketogenic diet becoming more popular, research on ketones (a molecule created when fat is broken down in the body) has grown as well. 

These findings will be used to help develop future research studies and help others to pick the right doses of ketone supplement.

Could this study be right for you?
  • Do NOT smoke or have diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, or any form of endocrine dysfunction 

  • Have NOT experienced >10% weight loss in the last 6 months 

  • Do NOT currently consume a low carbohydrate diet 

  • Do NOT consume alcohol more than 3 drinks/daily or 14 drinks/weekly 

  • Do NOT suffer from food allergies or gastrointestinal disorders 

Age Range
20 - 70 years