Eye Gaze Study

Official Title

Disrupted eye gaze perception as a biobehavioral marker of social dysfunction: An RDoC investigation


This study seeks to understand social functioning across mental health conditions. Social dysfunction is very common in people with mental health conditions; it can negatively impact employment, independent living, and maintaining meaningful relationships. This research is being done to learn if a person's ability to process visual information (including distinguishing other people's eye gaze direction) is a clue to social functioning regardless of diagnosis. This research will identify clinical and brain characteristics in relation to social functioning.

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  • Diagnosis of a schizophrenia-spectrum disorder or autism spectrum disorder
  • Receiving treatment in a mental health or primary care setting
  • Experience difficulty in social functioning

Health Volunteers: 

  • No history of past or current mental health disorder diagnosis
  • Experience no difficulty in social functioning

Age Range

14 - 30 years