Emerging Adulthood and Parenthood Study

Official Title
Emerging Adulthood and Parenthood Study

The Emerging Adulthood and Parenthood Study is a qualitative study designed to identify relevant factors and themes related the transitions to adulthood and parenthood in a sample of fathers. We will use qualitative, semi-structured interviews with parents to extract these themes and discuss important aspects about transitioning through life stages. After conducting these interviews, the identified themes will be utilized in the creation of questionnaire to measure the transition to parenthood. The goal of the study is to create a self-report questionnaire measure that captures the domains of emerging adulthood and emerging parenthood.

We are currently looking to recruit fathers for our study. 

Could this study be right for you?
  • Must have at least one biological child
  • Is/was one of the primary non-gestational caregivers (fathers) of that child
  • Speaks English as a first language
Age Range
18 - 65 years