Ankle Function Study for Healthy Volunteers OR Those with Ankle Instability or Nerve Damage

Official Title
Assessing Reliability and Validity of an iPod App for Measuring Ankle Proprioception

We will assess ankle function by measuring how well you detect ankle movement using an iPod app. This information will help us to determine the validity of using an iPod app as a clinical tool for measuring ankle function and perception of rotation

The results of this study may inform us if the iPod app is an appropriate tool to use in the clinical setting as a more cost-effective, faster, and accessible tool when compared to the larger, more expensive Biodex machine.

Could this study be right for you?

Three groups (ages 18-80) are eligible for this study:

--Group 1--Those who are 60-80 years old, without history of ankle instability or nerve damage to lower extremities.

--Group 2--Those who are 18-60 years old and have a history of chronic ankle instability, recurrent ankle sprains. Have had at least 3 ankle sprains in the previous two (2) years, but none within 2 months of joining the study

--Group 3--Those who are 18-60 years old and have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy that has been induced by chemotherapy. Further screening will be done by the study team.

Age Range
18 and up